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Start Hear: The History of Reggaeton, Radiotopia Presents, and Stories From the Other Side of the River

Loud: Imagine if you could combine hip hop,rap, Latin and Caribbean music sung in Spanish in dancehalls in Panama. That’s the ingredients in the musical genre Reggaeton. In the brilliant podcast, Loud, one of reggaeton’s founders, Ivy Queen (a.k.a. La Diva), traces the genre’s complex, vibrant history.

Radiotopia Presents: If you’re a fan of sampling podcasts, Start Hear is a great resource. For a more long-form version of a sample podcast show, try Radiotopia Presents. Radiotopia Presents is a relaunch of the Showcase podcast from Radiotopia that featured lesser-know independently produced shows.

The Kentucky Side: In our local podcast spotlight this week, we feature a Cincinnati Public Radio alumnus, Michael Monks. Michael left WVXU last year to pursue full time his work with LinkNKY and the Kentucky Side with Michael Monks podcast. Michael brings his unique journalistic and interview skills to the other side of the river to share the more in-depth stories about Northern Kentucky.