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Domestic violence deaths increased in Ohio over the past two years


More than 131 people died in Ohio over the past year in cases connected to domestic violence. That's according to the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, which reports a 62% increase in those deaths over the past two years.

In Cincinnati, domestic violence numbers are also trending upward, according to Kristin Shrimplin, president and CEO of Women Helping Women.

"We are seeing a continuing trend that has not been disrupted as it relates to intimate partner violence, domestic violence cases, the complexity of those cases, injuries that are resulting, and unfortunately and very sadly, homicide as a result of domestic violence and intimate partner violence homicide."

Advocates hope bills pending in the Ohio Statehouse could protect victims. Aisha's Law, HB 3, would require police to do a lethality assessment on a domestic violence call.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the rise in domestic violence cases is Ohio Domestic Violence Network Policy Director and Staff Attorney Micaela Deming; and Women Helping Women President and CEO Kristin Shrimplin.

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