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Former 'Morning Edition' host Noel King discusses her new role with 'Today, Explained'

Stephen Voss for Vox

Former NPR Morning Edition and Up First co-host Noel King has a new gig with Vox Media. King is the co-host and editorial director of Today, Explained. She joins co-host and Vox Audio Creative Director Sean Rameswaram in the host chair.

King, who began with Vox in January, joined a trail of NPR hosts of color to resign. When discussing her departure on Morning Edition, King told her former co-host A Martinez she always wishes she had just a little bit more time for context and Today, Explained is an opportunity to do that.

Vox Media now has a partnership with WNYC Studios to distribute Today, Explained to public radio stations nationwide. You can now hear the daily news podcast on WVXU Monday through Thursday at 3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Noel King joins Cincinnati Edition to discuss her new role with Today, Explained.

Listen to Cincinnati Edition live at noon M-F. Audio for this segment will be uploaded after 4 p.m. ET.

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