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Mood Altering explores the impact of racism on mental health

Mood Altering
Mood Altering

Earlier in the pandemic, artist Asha White decided to do a painting every week, reflective of her mood and her mental health, and then post it on social media. She called it her Moody Monday series.

Her work explored issues of race. She reflected on biased treatment she experienced in healthcare and she also made work inspired by the death of Elijah McClain, a 23-year-old Black man who died in 2019 after police used a chokehold to restrain him. This inspired her new series, "Mood Altering," in which she interviewed 50 Cincinnatians about how racism impacts their mental health.

White’s work “Mood Altering” is now on display in Truth and Inspiration, An Artswave Showcase at the Cincinnati Art Museum. The exhibit features work by recipients of Artwave’s Black and Brown Artist program grants. Asha White joins Cincinnati Edition to discuss “Mood Altering."

Truth and Inspiration, An Artswave Showcase is on display through August 14.

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