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Undercover videos claim to expose educators; plus, the process for removing school board members

A conservative nonprofit organization called Accuracy in Media recently released a video that purports to show local school administrators admitting that Critical Race Theory is being taught at their schools while being called something else.

School districts have responded by saying their staffs don’t teach Critical Race Theory, or CRT, and assert their employees’ comments were taken out of context and misinterpreted in the video.

The president of Accuracy in Media said he and his organization’s work have been misrepresented by media organizations, including WVXU and, specifically, the station’s senior political analyst.

Cincinnati Public Radio stands by the reporting of Howard Wilkinson. His commentary is available for review on our website.

Also, in a recorded interview, Accuracy in Media’s president spoke inaccurately about the amount of taxpayer funding that goes to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. National Public Radio receives less than 2% of its funding from the federal government.

In that recorded interview on Cincinnati Edition, we discuss what’s being taught in local schools and how and why the Accuracy in Media video was made.

And later in the program, we discuss how several communities in Ohio are trying to remove elected school board members and talk with experts about the complicated process.


  • Dr. Jonathan Cooper, superintendent, Mason City Schools
  • Adam Guilette, president, Accuracy in Media
  • Dr. David Childs, associate professor of social studies, history and Black studies, Northern Kentucky University
  • Sara Clark, chief legal counsel, Ohio School Boards Association
  • Brigitte Blom, president and CEO, Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

Note: The interview about Accuracy in Media that airs on WVXU had to be edited for length. Cincinnati Public Radio encourages our audience to listen to the entire interview online.

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