Quinnipiac poll


WVXU senior political analyst Howard Wilkinson spoke with Jay Hanselman Monday morning about a recent Quinnipiac University poll of American voters that had some bad news for President Trump - 53% of those polled said they will not vote for Trump for re-election, including 60% of all women voters. Anything over 50% is the last thing an incumbent wants to see, although he has plenty of time to turn that around.

New Quinnipiac Poll Is Bad News For Gov. Kasich

Oct 7, 2015

A new poll of Ohio voters shows Gov. John Kasich is no longer leading other candidates in the Republican primary here.

The Quinnipiac University swing state poll shows real estate mogul and entertainer Donald Trump is the top choice of Ohioans right now. The polls shows 23 percent of Republican voters back him, up from 21 percent in August.

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson gets 18 percent.

Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

 An independent poll released Tuesday found a majority of Ohioans are happy with Gov. John Kasich, but also found that support for U.S. Sen. Rob Portman is generally positive but somewhat soft.

The Quinnipiac University poll showed 40 percent of Ohioans approve of the job Portman is doing, while 21 percent said they disapproved. Ohio’s Democratic senator, Sherrod Brown, had 45 percent job approval.  

Andy Chow / Ohio Statehouse News Bureau

An independent poll released this morning shows that while Ohio Gov. John Kasich is the slight favorite for the Republican presidential nomination among Ohio GOP voters, he barely registers with Republicans in other key states.