Steve Sommers

Courtesy WLW-AM

America's Truckin' Network has returned to WLW-AM as a one-hour recorded show two months after the station dropped the live overnight show hosted by Steve Sommers.

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Calling it "a dream come true," Steve Sommers resumes his overnight conversations with truckers and insomniacs Monday, Jan. 11, two months after WLW-AM canceled his America's Truckin' Network show.

And he may be able to talk about politics, too.

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After 36 years, it's the end of the road for WLW-AM's overnight trucking show.

Courtesy WLW-AM

Steve Sommers, host of WLW-AM's overnight America's Truckin' Network show, says he was "dismissed" by owners iHeartMedia Friday morning, ending the Sommers' family 36-year tradition on Cincinnati's most powerful radio station.

Sommers, 56, announced the news on Facebook shortly before 9 a.m.

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In response to unspecified complaints, WLW-AM'S right-leaning overnight America's Truckin' Network show has eliminated all talk about politics, the Confederate flag and the death of George Floyd in Minnesota on Memorial Day.

"Suffice it to say we’re going to avoid such topics," host Steve Sommers told listeners early Monday morning.

"There are some things we’re not going to talk about anymore."