Exploring Issues in Education

Jul 19, 2018

Thursdays in September and October at 7:00 pm:
From APMReports, WVXU presents four weeks of documentaries that delve into issues facing the nation's educational system.

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September 6 - Changing Class: Are Colleges Helping Americans Move Up?

When it comes to helping kids from poor families move up the income ladder, America’s colleges could be doing much better. A new project by a group of economists shows that some colleges are accomplishing more than others in the promotion of social mobility. In fact, some colleges are doing more to exacerbate class divides.

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September 13 - Still Rising: First-Generation College Students a Decade Later

Mario Martinez and Katy Sorto —  both from low-income circumstances — were the first in their families to go to college. They started at community college in 2008 and hoped to earn degrees. But the odds were against them. This report tells their remarkable stories 10 years later and provides a rare window on the personal experience of trying to move up through education.

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September 20 - Old Idea, New Economy: Rediscovering Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships can provide a ticket to the middle class for people who’ve been left behind by “college for all.” Supporters on both the right and the left say the “earn while you learn” approach can help create a more skilled workforce, provide a path to solid, middle-class careers, and serve as a needed corrective to the “college for all” push that has left some students with piles of debt and no obvious career.

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October 4 - Hard Words: Why Aren’t Our Kids Being Taught to Read?

More than half of American kids can’t read very well because schools are failing to provide effective reading instruction. Now, there is definitive evidence from neuroscience on how the brain learns to read, and it suggests very different approaches. This report explores why the reading science is not making its way into American classrooms — or teacher preparation programs — and what can be done about it.