Howard Wilkinson Kicks Off His New Column "Tales From The Trail"

Jul 13, 2017

Howard Wilkinson has been reporting on local, regional and national politics for more than 40 years. He's covered every Ohio governor's race since 1974 as well as 16 presidential conventions, and interviewed hundreds of politicians, from city council candidates to sitting presidents.

During all those years of reporting on the very serious business of politics and the people and policies that shape our nation, Howard has also witnessed the truly silly side of our political system. And now he shares those stories with us.

This Saturday, July 15, WVXU introduces Howard Wilkinson's new column, "Tales from the Trail: Stories from a Lifetime of Covering Politics." Each week, Howard will reveal some of the many political stories that happened behind-the-scenes that can't help but make you smile. Like the time a police dog destroyed his laptop during an Obama rally. Or when he had to chauffeur Ohio Governor Jim Rhodes and Bob Evens around the Ohio State Fairgrounds in a golf cart. 

WVXU politics reporter Howard Wilkinson joins us to discuss some of the many things he has witnessed during his career.