Tinderbox Is Bringing A Good Time To Area Partiers

Oct 30, 2015

Guests at a Tinderbox party.
Credit Provided/Tinderbox

With a Facebook bio that quotes infamous partier and performer Andrew W.K., Tinderbox knows how to show guests a good time. The “flexible-use venue and curated community allows people to come together, dance and have fun in a space separate from bar culture. These parties used to take place at “DIY” venues across town, but now happen at legal and safe, albeit interesting, spots that change each time. Tinderbox always draws huge, excited crowds.

Joining us to discuss how Tinderbox originated, its unique business model and its annual Halloween party that happens tonight is the founder of Tinderbox, who goes by the pseudonym Oliver James Peabody; his assistant, Natalie Palmer; and, enthusiastic party-goer Austin Radcliffe -- blogger of Things Organized Neatly .