As The Wheel Turns: Developer Still Searching For Newest Banks Tenant

Aug 25, 2018

The Ferris wheel that will be at The Banks this autumn could attract a new business or two -- at least that's the hope of a developer. The SkyStar will be on the grassy area directly in front of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The lot next door, to the west, is still vacant.

Kathy Schwegmann of Jeffery R. Anderson Real Estate says they are working on getting a tenant. "It will be good to get that spot filled. We continue to talk to folks," she says. "Hopefully we'll have something sooner rather than later."

Schwegmann says the company is still looking at a restaurant to act as a bookend to the Yard House. She says because of height restrictions with the Freedom Center, anything built would likely be single story.

The type of restaurant matters. "We would work very hard to not duplicate uses. That doesn't serve anybody well," she says. The Banks already has a steak house, a pizzeria, and places that specialize in waffles, chicken, tacos and burgers.

Another eatery isn't locked in though. Schwegmann says they would entertain a store. "As The Banks has continued to develop and add uses, as it becomes a more robust, fully fleshed out neighborhood, there becomes a greater need for traditional retail, whether that's soft goods or service retail or what have you."

Talk of a permanent music venue at The Banks has developers and existing businesses "chomping at the bit," Schwegmann says. "It's something that is very important for our neighborhood. We hope that gets done sooner rather than later. Hopefully we'll get some resolution on that soon."

The SkyStar will be open at The Banks seven days a week, from August 31 until December 2.