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A Rogue American Spy On The Korean Peninsula

Blaine Harden reveals the story of Donald Nichols, who went from repairing jeeps to becoming a pivotal player in the Korean War.

In his latest book, former Washington Post East Asia Bureau Chief Blaine Harden reveals the story of a rogue American spy who operated on the Korean Peninsula during the Korean War. Virtually unsupervised by the U.S. military, Air Force Major Donald Nichols planned and ran covert missions in a world of mass executions and torture for 11 years. And was then taken out of Korea in a straightjacket by American military authorities and forced to undergo months of electroshock in a military hospital, where Nichols said Air Force psychiatrists tried to “erase” his brain.

Blaine Harden recently spoke with us about the story of Donald Nichols he uncovers in "KING OF SPIES: The Dark Reign of an American Spymaster in Korea."