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We learn how to turn those vacation days into life-changing adventures

Maybe it's time you travel to the beat of a different drum.

  Some of us take vacations to the same place each year, comfortable in knowing what to expect, the beach or Disney World, maybe. But many people use their vacations to travel outside their comfort zones, and open themselves up to new cultures, people, places and experiences. Joining us to explore the benefits of going off the beaten path, and how best to prepare for taking a trip somewhere you'?ve never gone before, are Simone Kuzma, owner and lead guide with Wanderlust:Wanderlearn, a local travel education organization; and manager of horticulture at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Brian Jorg, who guides expeditions to locations in the United States and around the world and is an avid outdoor and travel photographer.

For more information and to meet other adventurous travelers, check out the local group Wanderlust on a Dime.