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The New Clifton Market - What It Means For The Community & How It Operates As A Co-Op



From colorful arrays of fresh produce to artisan deli options, Clifton Market is a solid grocery addition to the Clifton area. 

The cooperative market, replacing an IGA abandoned for six years, opened to customers last week and had its grand opening this weekend. Like other grocery co-ops, Clifton Market is comprised of many volunteers. Those in the community can buy shares and have a say in the direction of the market.

Here to talk about the market and how these co-ops are run are Produce Manager of Clifton Market, Chris Payne; Chair of the Clifton Market Board and Vice President of the Clifton Business and Professional Association, Adam Hyland; Director of Marketing and Board Member for Clifton Market, Marilyn Hyland; and nationally renowned grocery market analyst, Keith Wicks.