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Traffic Calming, A New Park And New Development Planned For Westwood

Harrison Ave near the intersection with Montana Ave.

Cincinnati's largest neighborhood has seen significant private and public investment in recent years to bring new development to the community. In Westwood, the Madcap Productions Puppet Theatre moved into the historic former Cincinnati Bell Telephone exchange in 2018. An old Rambler dealership became the new home of West Side Brewing in 2017, and the Nation Kitchen and Bar took over a former firehouse. Additionally, the Great Parks of Hamilton County has plans for a 22-acre park and urban ecology center on the grounds of the former Gamble Estate.

Now the Westwood Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (WestCURC) is looking to give the former Bolton & Lunsford Funeral Home a new life. The redevelopment corporation acquired the property in March in partnership with the City of Cincinnati Department of Community and Economic Development and The Port. WestCURC is now accepting proposals for the development of the site.

Along with the development, WestCURC is coordinating a traffic-calming project along Harrison Avenue to improve safety and walkability in the neighborhood.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss new development plans in Westwood are Westwood Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation President Greg Hand; 143Engineers President and Owner Caroline Duffy; Westwood Works Executive Director Leslie Rich; and Great Parks of Hamilton County Director of Programming Amy Roell.

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