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NKU Offers Wide Array of STEM Oriented Summer Camps


In what often seems like a long time ago in a galaxy far away, going to summer camp meant hiking, fishing, maybe learning how to tie knots. Fortunately those camps still exist, but along with them today are programs for kids who want to learn about digital journalism, JAVA game programming, Aeronautics, and other science and math based subjects. Several of these learning camps are being offered this year by Northern Kentucky University?'s College of Informatics and Center for Integrative Natural Science and Mathematics. Here to tell us about the programs, and why they are so popular with kids, are Dr. Madhura Kulkarni, assistant director for NKU?s Center for Integrative Natural Science and MathematicsMichele Day, Student Media Advisor and Lecturer in Journalism; and Dr. Richard Fox, professor in the Department of Computer Science.

Information on the Informatics-based and other STEM camps can be found by clicking here.