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Our Guests Are Ready To Answer Your Questions About Dog Training

Mark Heyne

National Train Your Dog Month was started six years ago. Since so many dogs and puppies find new homes during the holidays, January is a good time to start their socialization and training. So how do you teach Fido not to bark at the mailman, chase squirrels and beg for food at the dinner table, and be friendly with your other pets?

Joining us to answer your questions about training your dog are Training Tracks Co-owner Melissa Bussey Silverman; owner of Paws Look Listen, Nick Hof; Dae Grodin with Dog-Abilities; and Dr. Lisa White, founder of Veterinary Behavior Management Solutions.  

My Furry Valentine, the region?'s largest annual animal adoption event, takes place February 13 - 14 at the Sharonville Convention Center. For additional information, click here.