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Helping Families Meet The Challenge Of Home Cooking


How do you get your family to the dinner table when you're a single parent who works a night shift? How do you provide healthy meals when the food pantry sends you home with microwave pizza?

How do you buy fresh produce when you have no car and have to bring your groceries home on the bus? These are the obstacles laid out in the book Pressure Cooker, a five-year study of 120 households. The authors conclude that, time and again, a parent's best efforts can't meet these challenges.

Another conclusion the authors of Pressure Cooker make is that it will take schools, churches and our community meet the challenges of providing healthy, affordable meals to low-income families. The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is providing a program to do just that. The library is offering a series of nine Food and Nutrition Workshops for Families with Children. The workshops are offered through a federal program called the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program and are designed to teach people how to stretch their budget, cook healthy meals and keep food safe.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the workshops and the book Pressure Cooker are author Sarah Bowen who wrote the book along with Joslyn Brenton and Sinikka Elliott. Also joining us are Hamilton County Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Specialist Amy Hollar; and Cheviot Branch Library Manager Eric Pennington.

The Food and Nutrition Workshops begin Tuesday, September 17 at 6:00 p.m. at the Cheviot Branch Library.

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