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Not Enough Children Get To See The Dentist

Dental Therapists would be licensed to perform fillings and minor extractions.

Dental care remains the number one unmet health care need among Ohio's children, according to findings from state health officials. A new bill introduced by two state senators aims to improve access to care among Ohioans in need. Senate Bill 98 would create a license for a mid-level care provider called a Dental Therapist. But the bill has strong opponents with concerns that dental therapists will not have enough training to safely perform surgical procedures.

Here to discuss Senate Bill 98 and the need for greater access to dental care are past president of the Ohio Dental Association, Dr. Mark Bronson of Bronson Dental; Dr. Lawrence Hill, executive director of the American Association for Community Dental Programs; and Ann Naber, legislative committee chair and past president of the Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association.