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Death Advisor Cole Imperi Makes Grief Her Calling

Cole Imperi
Courtesy of Cole Imperi
As a thanatologist and public speaker Cole Imperi teaches people how to embrace loss, difficult moments and mistakes to turn those into foundations for growth.

When do we start dying? For Cole Imperi there isn't one right answer, it's the kind of complex question she thinks about every day. Imperi is a duel-certified thanatologist and a death doula. Thanatology is the scientific study of death and dying.

Imperi also immerses herself in the practice of mortality through her podcast Life, Death & Tarot and through her public speaking engagements. Recently, she took on a fellowship through the Lloyd Library and Museum to study how plants have been used throughout time to nurse the dying and comfort the grieving. Her project through the Lloyd is titled "Rooted in Death, Growing in Grief."

Cole Imperi joins Cincinnati Edition to discuss what it means to be a thanatologist and how our relationship with death in American society differs from other cultures.

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