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Blueprint For Reproductive Hormone Might Aid Infertility Treatment In Women


Researchers at the University of Cincinnati are providing new hope for women at risk for experiencing infertility. The researchers have developed a blueprint for a protein that plays an important role in the development and regulation of reproductive organs. This could aid in treatments for infertility and be useful in protecting the future fertility of women undergoing chemotherapy. 

"Chemotherapy can damage follicles and cause less fertility over time," says Professor Thomas Thompson. "If you can put the brakes on the reproductive process, you can actually protect the ovary and possibly maintain the ability to have children after chemotherapy."

The research findings are is published in the scholarly journal for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the findings are the UC Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology Professor Thomas Thompson, PhD; and UC Department of Pharmacology and Systems Physiology Doctoral Student Kaitlin Hart.

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