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Back to the courts for Cincinnati's parking lease


Just as the Port Authority is putting finishing touches on Cincinnati's parking plan, the organization opposing it, COAST, has filed a request for a Temporary Restraining Order.

Spokesman Chris Finney says, "When the decision came down from the Court of Appeals, and the City Manager signed the lease, he made material changes to it without Council approval." Finney says he is not permitted to do this so "council either needs to re-vote, or the lease must be enjoined." (stopped by judicial order)

A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at 11:30 in Hamilton County Court.

The Port Authority says leasing the parking will provide capital Cincinnati can reinvest for future growth.

This is not the first time the parking lease has ended up in court as reported by WVXU's Jay Hanselman

Last month The Port Authority spelled out the specifics of the parking lease at a public meeting.

People will notice new meters, and new hours of enforcement around February 1.