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Parking lease clears another hurdle in court


The City of Cincinnati picked up another win in its battle to outsource parking operations. A judge Thursday dismissed an injunction request filed by the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST).

The group charges the city manager changed the lease without getting council approval. But the city says the city manager acted within his duties.

City attorney Terry Nester further argued COAST had no standing to bring the case.

"To allow the case to proceed is to invite taxpayer intervention in any city contract and to obstruct the progress of business in the City of Cincinnati," says Nester.

Ultimately a Hamilton County judge agreed and dismissed the case.

COAST attorney Curt Hartman remains steadfast in arguing the city manager violated state statute.

"The General Assembly essentially said that taxpayers can and should hold city officials accountable and can do so through the courts," says Hartman. "That's what we're doing and have done. If you essentially can no longer apply the law that the General Assembly passed, you essentially no longer have city officials that can be held accountable."

Hartman says his clients will likely appeal.

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