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Wenstrup & Turner get look at top-secret GE engine

Seventy years after GE developed the engine to power the first bomber for World War II, the company has begun testing another engine that could power the most advanced bomber in 2019. This video, produced a few years ago, explains what is different about the ADVENT (Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology) engine.


The ADVENT uses:

  • 3-D printed parts
  • composite materials
  • adaptive technology

to obtain 25% better fuel efficiency and save the government millions of dollars.
Representative Brad Wenstrup looks ahead and keeps his mind on defense department cutbacks. "So we want to keep up technologically with our adversaries but at the same time we're finding ways, or hopefully finding ways when we are decreasing costs. Perhaps in the long run we save because we may need fewer bases if we can be more efficient with our aircraft."

Congressman Mike Turner says the research at GE Aviation helps build the case for Southwest Ohio being named a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) test site. "As we look at the synergy from what GE is doing, from what Wright Patterson Air Force Base is doing and others, you really have people coming together and taking a leadership role that I think will bode well in our economy."