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Cincinnati Getting Ready For Road Paving Season

Bill Rinehart
Cincinnati will repave about 120 of the some 3,000 lane miles of city streets this year.

Cincinnati is getting ready to spend about $40 million this construction season on paving and preventive maintenance for city streets.  

Transportation and Engineering Director Michael Moore told a committee Tuesday the city finished a complete review of all city routes last year, which included recording video of pavement conditions.
Moore said the plan is to drive all the streets again this year too.

"Our goal is to get enough data points, and enough data, that we can start to do some predictive modeling," Moore said. "So we can start to look at where we think streets will be going bad sooner and get in front of that and make sure that they don't."

The ratings found about 60 percent of the city streets are in good or better condition.

The annual ratings allow city officials to know if paving work and preventive maintenance are working the way they were anticipated to work.

This year the city plans to pave between 112 and 120 lane miles of streets. The actual number depends on whether Cincinnati is awarded a state grant for some of the work. The paving is anticipated to cost about $34.5 million. The city has about 3,000 lane miles of streets.

Officials also plan preventive maintenance on another 150 lane miles of roads at a cost of $4.4 million.

The city issued bonds as part of the "Capital Acceleration Plan" a couple years ago to increase paving and maintenance work in the city. Other funding comes the city's capital budget and grants.