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Cincinnati is updating its bike plan for the first time in 12 years


Cincinnati officials are updating the city's bike plan for the first time in 12 years.

John Brazina is director of the Department of Transportation and Engineering. "Our goal is to create a bike infrastructure network that is comfortable and easy to use for people of all ages and abilities," he says.

The city is looking for feedback on some newly proposed bike lanes in Over-the-Rhine and Downtown. A map of the lanes is available online, along with a survey for feedback.

"We're gonna have to get feedback on the ideas that are on the survey, do a little engineering, we're gonna have to coordinate with the community councils as well before we actually implement anything, so this is just the first step in the update," Brazina says.

At least one Cincinnati council member wants to re-evaluate plans to expand the bike lane along Central Parkway. The current design would extend the bike lane north from Marshal Avenue to Ludlow. Council Member Mark Jeffreys has introduced a motion asking to pause the project. He says the design is for a shared-use model.

"Which means extending out the sidewalk for a path that could be for pedestrians or bikes, which in principle sounds great," he says. "The reason for the motion is, I do think there is a more efficient way to accomplish that that frees up resources for other bike infrastructure."

The motion asks for city administrators to estimate how much money an alternative design would save. It will be considered in committee Wednesday.

Brazina says a new map and survey will be released every month this year, eventually covering all 52 neighborhoods. The first survey is open through the end of January.

Learn more about the Bike Plan update below:

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