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Holocaust & Humanity Center to revamp Institute on Teaching The Holocaust

JMiles Wolf
Holocaust & Humanity Center Facebook

The Holocaust & Humanity Center is revamping its Institute on Teaching The Holocaust to aid educators to teach the subject more effectively.

The Institute on Teaching The Holocaust has been going for almost 30 years. The five-day program aims to provide teachers with methods to connect the teachings of the Holocaust to the modern day. Education Outreach Manager Lauren Karas says the Institute not only aids teachers, but students too, in the long run.

"Students who are exposed to high quality Holocaust education come away with more critical thinking skills, higher critical thinking skills because the Holocaust demands that you think critically about human behavior and the choices people made," Karas said.

The program aims to individualize the history of the Holocaust by incorporating testimonies of local survivors and will explore curricular strategies for both ELA and social studies classrooms to connects historical content with literacy skills.

It will take place in June and will be in-person. Educators can register for the event through the Holocaust & Humanity Center's website. The program costs $100.

Thursday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day which people around the world are encouraged to remember the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust and other victims of Nazism. The day is also used to promote education. HHC's Director of Education and Engagement Jodi Elowitz says learning about the Holocaust should remind people to reflect on the world they live in today.

"How can we prevent future mass atrocities, future genocides? By raising awareness of the Holocaust, you are raising awareness of all these other crimes against humanity," Elowitz said.

Cory Sharber attended Murray State University majoring in journalism and political science and comes to Cincinnati Public Radio from NPR Member station WKMS.