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Garland Jeffreys & music in honor of hurricane victims


This week on The Blues, Saturday evening, September 3rd at 11pm, you'll hear an interview I recently recorded with Garland Jeffreys, plus a couple of his songs.  The rest of the program will be in honor of the hurricane victims of Harvey and Katrina.  It's only been 12 years since Katrina hit New Orleans.  Since then, a number of musicians have released cds inspired by Katrina's devastation.  

Garland Jeffreys talks about his friend Lou Reed, John Lennon, and Laurie Anderson.  He also discusses his new release, 14 Steps to Harlem, some of which he'll be performing with his band on Friday evening, September 15th, at Newport's Southgate House Revival.  

Interview with Garland Jeffreys recorded with Lee Hay on August 20th.

The rest of The Blues will honor the victims in Texas and Louisiana of Hurricanes Harvey and Katrina.   We'll start off with Dr. John & the lower 911 with a song from his Sippiana Hericane album.  Pianist George Winston also released an album you'll hear a song from - Gulf Coast Blues & Impressions 2: A Louisiana Wetlands Benefit.  And to finish out the set, a gospel song by Mary Pinckney from Smithsonian Folkways album, Classic African American Gospel.

The final set in honor of hurricane victims features the Blind Boys of Alabama, Terence Blanchard, and Jeff Beck's version of "Amazing Grace."  Terence Blanchard's album "A Tale of God's Will (a requiem for katrina)" is one of my favorite soothing albums.  And of course, listening to the Blind Boys of Alabama is a direct link to Him above.

There are many ways you can contribute to the flood victims of Louisiana and Texas:

1. Red Cross

2. Salvation Army

3. Best Friends Animal Society

You can also catch up with the Cajun Navy who have been helping rescue hurricane victims.  Their work is inspiring indeed!  God bless those who are helping others.  Isn't that what it's all about?

USA Today story about the Cajun Navy