New effort to help vets find employment in Cincinnati

Nov 10, 2014

Cincinnati like the rest of the nation will pause Tuesday to honor veterans who have served in various wars.  

Currently these returning soldiers are having a difficult time finding jobs.  The veteran unemployment rate tends to be higher than the national average.  

Cincinnati Council Member Chris Seelbach is announcing an effort Monday afternoon to change that.  

The city will begin tracking how many veterans are part of city contracts.

"We will have a good idea if we're doing a good job getting veterans jobs, or probably more likely is that we're not doing such a good job," Seelbach said.  "With that data once we collect it, we'll be able to make decisions to hopefully be proactive in getting more veterans employment in Cincinnati."

Currently the city tracks how many females and African-Americans are involved with city contracts either as employees or company ownership.  

Seelbach said he anticipates the city will study veteran data for about six months to a year before deciding what steps it can take to improve employment opportunities for returning soldiers.