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How Will Current And Upcoming Major Architectural Projects Impact Cincinnati's Visual Identity?

western hills viaduct
City of Cincinnati
The proposed replacement for the Western Hills Viaduct is one of several upcoming projects that could change the city's character.

A city's built environment plays a huge role in its identity. It determines not just how the city looks, but how a person feels as they navigate its streets, alleys and sidewalks.

Cincinnati is rightfully celebrated for its historic architecture and character. But it has also seen a number of recent changes to its built environment, and more are on the way.

Experts involved in the Cincinnati Design Awards — a multi-discipline celebration of design that will hold its 25th annual event next month — weigh in on how those major developments will change Cincinnati's built environment and how well some of the region's most-recent big projects are aging.

Joining Cincinnati Edition are MSA Design Principal and President Michael Schuster; Kolar Design, Inc. President and Founder Kelly Kolar; and Champlin Architecture Interior Designer Michelle VonderBrink.

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