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A Multi-State Initiative Is Pushing Congress To Fund Green Infrastructure In Appalachia, available for use

America's Appalachian region has a long, sometimes fraught history with industry, especially when it comes to energy production. The region has yielded much of America's coal and other resources, but contains some of the poorest communities in the country and has borne the brunt of environmental degradation associated with heavy industry.

A coalition of groups wants to change those challenging and interwoven conditions, however, by pushing Congress to fund large green technology, energy and industry efforts as well as environmental remediation in Appalachia's Ohio Valley. Organizers with Reimagine Appalachiasay that funding could boost environmental and economic justice in the region. But the effort will rely on a federal budget process already fraught with division and lack of consensus.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to talk about the initiative are Policy Matters Ohio Senior Researcher and Reimagine Appalachia Co-Director Amanda Woodrum; and Athens Mayor Steve Patterson, who is among the Ohio elected officials who have endorsed the initiative.

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