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UC law student and advocate for gender equality in Afghanistan speaks out about Taliban's resurgence

Zamira Saidi
Zamira Saidi

For most of her life, the U.S. was at war in her home country of Afghanistan. Now, 27-year-old University of Cincinnati law student Zamira Saidisays the Taliban resurgence threatens avenues for Afghan women.

“There is a huge difference in what they do in the name of Islam and what Islam actually stands for,” says Saidi. “For the years they ruled, they were very restrictive and women were washed away from society.”

Saidi, who was born in the village of Khost in Baghlan Province of Afghanistan and is now a Juris Doctor candidate at UC, is calling on the international communityto refuse to recognize the Taliban government. Zamira Saidi joins Cincinnati Edition to discuss her work advocating for gender equality in Afghanistan.

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