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A mounting number of COVID patients continue to report lingering aftereffects

coronavirus long haulers
Nick Swartsell
Christine Wilson tested positive for the virus in July 2020 and spent 11 days in the hospital. Two years later, she says she is still suffering side effects.

One of the most confounding and frightening elements of the global COVID-19 pandemic has been the unpredictable ways in which the virus affects those who catch it. Some develop minor symptoms and recover quickly, while others suffer serious, even fatal illness.

Still others, including local patients like Christine Wilson, get caught in a kind of COVID limbo. Wilson tested positive for the virus in July 2020 and ended up spending 11 days in the hospital due to the illness. But even after her body had defeated COVID, its ghost continues to haunt her with breathing difficulties and other lingering side effects.

She isn't alone. A growing number of COVID patients report so-called "long-hauler" status. What can modern medicine do to ease their symptoms and help them on the road to full recovery — or at least explain why the after effects of COVID are so marked for some patients?

Wilson joined Cincinnati Edition last January to talk about so-called "Long COVID Syndrome" and returns to the program now to update listeners on her situation. Director of the UC Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute and UC Health cardiologist Dr. Richard Becker also joined the show last year and returns to talk about the latest in fighting long COVID.

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