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Does the Cincinnati Park Board need reform? Some advocates think so

Burnet Woods
Wikimedia Commons
Burnet Woods, one of the city's largest parks, has been the subject of controversy over the last year due to two proposals to erect buildings there. Both failed.

Over the last few years, moves by the Cincinnati Park Board have caused fevered debate among some who have interest in the fate of the city's parks.

A group concerned about the fate of Burnet Woods, one of the city's largest parks, commissioned a study last year diving deep into the history of the city's park board, looking at how other cities administer their parks, and making recommendations about how to reform the board. Those suggestions include ways to restructure the board and how it is appointed, changing how much power it has, or even dissolving it entirely and putting the parks directly under city administration.

But not everyone agrees with those suggestions. Cincinnati Edition reached out to Cincinnati Parks for comment, but did not hear back by air time.

Joining us to talk about the Cincinnati Park Board are Preserve Burnet Woods board member and University of Cincinnati Zane Miller Chair of Urban History David Stradling; local author and historian Alyssa McClanahan; and University of Cincinnati Community Design Center Niehoff Urban Studio Director Francis Russell.

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