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Young LGBTQ women have alarming rates of depression and anxiety. Why, and what's next?

Young woman covering her face with her hands.

Since late 2016, researchers from the University of Cincinnati and Northwestern University have been following a group of young people known as the FAB 400 Cohort.

The cohort consists of young LGBTQ people who were assigned female at birth, a group the researchers refer to as "sexual minority women."

The study's goal is to understand the participants' personal development, wellbeing and relationship dynamics.

Researchers have foundhigh rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health problems — even more so than among young sexual minority men.

On Cincinnati Edition, we discuss the research, what's next with it, and how its findings can be helpful.


  • Sarah Whitton, Ph.D., professor of psychology and director of Today’s Couples and Family Research Center, University of Cincinnati
  • Emily Devlin, clinical psychology graduate student, University of Cincinnati

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