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Document Leaks

wikimedia commons

Thursday, March 1 at 7:00 pm

From America Abroad: Massive document leaks have led to the fall of world leaders and to new anti-corruption laws. But some leaks have put lives in danger. So, is there a limit to the public’s right to know? When is leaking documents and revealing secrets worth the potential security risks?

This episode, hosted by Madeline Brand, talks about when document leaks are legal, when they are morally justified, and when they aren’t -  how, at times, they’ve put lives in danger. We look at the balance of protecting national security versus freedom of the press and the responsibility of journalists once they obtain leaked documents. Beyond our borders we look at the extraordinary measures China takes to suppress secrets; how Finland is grappling with its first major leak; and how military leaders in Pakistan may have used a leak for their own political advantage. Finally, an examination of what it takes for a leaked document to ignite a political movement.