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How Do You Keep Your Smart Home Devices From Spying On You?

Amazon's Echo Show devices are among those that will automatically be added to its shared wireless network scheme, called Amazon Sidewalk.

As more people turn to smart home devices and smart security devices to bring convenience to their lives new privacy concerns arise. Amazon Echo devices will now share your wireless network with your neighbors through a program called Sidewalk. Amazon adds devices to the shared network automatically unless users go through steps to opt out.

Amazon's Ring network recently took steps to alleviate privacy concerns after it came under criticism for forming a video-sharing partnership with law enforcement agencies. The partnership allowed police to send requests for video recordings to owners of Ring video doorbells and security cameras. Now any law enforcement agency looking for video must do so by posting a publicly viewable "Request for Assistance."

So how do you keep your smart home devices from spying on you? Joining Cincinnati Edition with tips is intrustIT Cyber Security Consultant Dave Hatter.

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