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Science and Technology

About This Section
It’s an exciting time in the field of new technology—stay up-to-the-minute with WVXU’s science articles covering the latest advancements in new technology and scientific research and development. From autonomous vehicles ferrying passengers and baggage at CVG to cyber security in IoT (or Internet of Things, referring to the ever-growing network of smart devices and appliances, from smart watches to washer-dryers), our science and technology reports bring you need-to-know updates as they occur.

Starlink (Elon Musk's new satellite internet scheme), new food-science techniques for creating dairy-free options at Graeter’s, and virtual reality experiences for senior citizens are only a few of the many compelling topics of the science articles available in text or audio on our website and also available as a podcast. New technology has implications far afield, in medicine—with contact lenses designed to detect glaucoma and electronic devices meant to mitigate depression—and household concerns over cyber security in IoT devices, which now include kitchen appliances and doorbells. Find out about the latest breakthroughs in flying car technology—referred to in one article as the "third revolution in flight"—and Dayton's hopes of becoming a hub for flying car research and development as companies gravitate to the area, attracted by eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) infrastructure. Flying car technology and autonomous vehicles, far from being isolated instances of technological advancement, open a whole can of public-policy and infrastructure worms—and 91.7 fills in the gaps, illuminating controversies and examining unintended consequences of the fast-accelerating world of high tech.

Focus on Technology—reported and hosted by WVXU’s own Ann Thompson—looks at important science and technology trends and advancements, as well as how they overlap with diverse fields like medicine, politics, entertainment and the environment. Airing weekly on 91.7 FM (and also available online and as a podcast) Focus on Technology takes on a range of fascinating topics, from archaeology to alternative fuels, in Thompson's engaging, in-depth style.