Cincy Stories

Cincy Stories

Cincy Stories started in 2014 with an idea between two friends. While working at Fireside Pizza in Walnut Hills, they talked about what they find so meaningful about sharing stories. And those conversations led them in 2015 to host a storytelling night in the basement of MOTR Pub.

Cincy Stories Celebrates Avondale

Nov 7, 2018
Courtesy of Cincy Stories

Cincy Stories has been busy this summer gathering dozens of voices from neighbors in Avondale. The non-profit opens "story galleries" in neighborhood storefronts where people can come and record their stories on video. The summer project culminates in a live storytelling event, the Avondale People's Celebration, on Friday November 9.

Chris Ashwell

In the summer of 2017, Cincy Stories was on the move. The non-profit, which hosts storytelling events, relocated its "Story Gallery" from the Walnut Hills neighborhood to a new storefront in Price Hill. Over the next few months, Executive Director Shawn Braley and Creative Director Chris Ashwell captured 60 stories from the people living in the neighborhood.

Soapbox Media/Scott Beseler

To launch its On the Ground series of reports on Cincinnati neighborhoods, writers and editors for Soapbox Media have spent the last several months looking at the past, present and future possibilities of Walnut Hills, one of Cincinnati's oldest neighborhoods. 


Using monthly live storytelling events, short documentary videos and community engagement work, Cincy Stories hopes to build and strengthen listening, understanding and empathy within our communities. Thanks to a grant from the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation, the organization is launching a new Street Stories website and opening a Story Gallery where visitors can watch the stories of others, and share tell their own stories.