Cincy State Inks Transfer Deal With Mount St. Joe

Aug 29, 2017

Leaders from Mount Saint Joseph University and Cincinnati State say an agreement between the two schools will make it easier for students to get a bachelor's degree.

Mt. St. Joe is now accepting Cincinnati State credits. Cincinnati State President Monica Posey says her school already partners with others including UC, NKU, and Miami.

"The agreement with Mount St. Joseph is extra special because they are a private institution. Our students can go there, save tens of thousands of dollars, [and] have a wonderful, quality experience. There are small classrooms where they will get plenty of attention," Posey says.

The agreement creates transfer programs for bachelor's degrees in business, education, and nursing among others.

Mount St. Joe President H. James Williams says the two schools have similar goals. "We understand that our institutions are not ends onto themselves. But rather the means to an end, by identifying, developing, and nurturing talent for this greater Cincinnati region."

Additionally, Cincinnati State honors program graduates with a 3.2 GPA will be accepted into the Mount St. Joe University honors program.

Transfer students may also be eligible for application fee waivers and scholarships.