Go Inside Da Vinci's Mind At Museum Center

Mar 14, 2016

The latest exhibit coming to the Cincinnati Museum Center will take visitors inside the mind of one of history's best known artists and inventors. Da Vinci - The Genius includes 17 themed galleries, more than 200 artifacts, animations and an in-depth look at the Mona Lisa.

According to a news release, the exhibit is interactive and features full-scale re-creations of Da Vinci's inventions.

Among the drawings are blueprints for some of modern society’s most impactful inventions, such as the helicopter, airplane, automobile, submarine and parachute. Da Vinci –The Genius brings to life over 70 of these life-size machine inventions, each crafted by Italian artisans using the same techniques and materials from the Renaissance period.

Museum CEO Elizabeth Pierce says, "This man universally known as an artist is now getting his due as an inventor, engineer and scientist. This exhibit is a fun and  fascinating  intersection of history, science, art and technology and a perfect example of why you should always keep learning and never stop testing the limits of what’s possible.”

The exhibit opens May 20.