Ohio race "tight as a tick," Romney spokesman says

Oct 25, 2012

The race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the key state of Ohio is “tight as a tick” and likely to stay that way right up to the end, a Romney campaign spokesman said before the GOP candidate’s event at a Bond Hill milling plant Thursday.

“In the last 12 days, it is going to be the candidate who is best able to identify and mobilize his supporters who is going to win Ohio,’’ said Chris Maloney, a spokesman for the Romney campaign in Ohio.

Maloney said “there is no bigger battleground in this battleground state of Ohio than Hamilton County,’’ adding that it is likely the GOP presidential candidate – and a raft of surrogates – will return here between now and election day.

As Maloney spoke, a warehouse at Jet Machine off Seymour Avenue in Bond Hill was quickly filling with a crowd of ticketed supporter who may number around 3,000. Maloney said 2,500 tickets were ordered online in the first 24 hours after the Romney visit was announced.

Romney is expected to speak some time between 10:30 and  11 a.m.