Ohio River Expected To Reach 60 Feet By Tuesday

Feb 22, 2018

The National Weather Service predicts the Ohio River at Cincinnati will reach 59.5' by Tuesday, a level the river hasn't seen since the flood of 1997.

Meteorologist Brian Coniglio says the "major" flood category doesn't kick in until the river gets to 65'. "We're going to be in the moderate flood level until Sunday, and at that point, unfortunately, after the additional rainfall we're expecting, perhaps 3-5 inches, we're looking for a rising river again."

Flood gates and barriers remain up in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

"We're on top of it," Cincinnati City Manager Harry Black told City Council Thursday. "Everyone's working well together. We will continue to update you. Unfortunately there will be some inconveniences in terms of road closures but, again, the paramount objective is to protect people and protect property."