On This Opening Day, A Look At "Lost Ballparks"

Apr 3, 2017

From the days of wooden bleachers and playing fields put together in a matter of weeks for a few thousand dollars to today’s massive stadiums that can run into the billions to build, the design of the ballpark has been ever evolving. 

Along the way, many of the classic ballparks of the past have been lost to fire or demolition, and in the case of an Alaskan ballpark built in a tidal pool, dredged away. Many Reds fans may never have heard of the Palace of the Fans once located at Findlay and Western in Cincinnati. The Palace was torn down in 1911 and replaced by Redland Field, which would later become known as Crosley Field.

Dennis Evanosky and Eric Kos join us this afternoon to discuss their new book, Lost Ballparks, which explores the stories of ballparks that are no more.