Ohio Board of Education

Ohio Board of Education members will wait until the fall to consider a resolution that proposes some drastic changes to the state report cards for schools and school districts, but a delay on the resolution doesn’t mean the end of discussions about potential modifications.

The resolution before board members Tuesday recommended scrapping the A to F grading scale on the current state report cards, among a number of other changes.

The board voted to delay consideration of the resolution until November.

The debate over Ohio’s school report cards continues in Columbus this week as state Board of Education members consider a recommendation to make even more changes to the grades.

Last month, Ohio Board of Education members recommended delaying overall grades for schools and school districts that will appear for the first time on report cards this year.

The Ohio Board of Education will consider a resolution this week delaying a major piece of the state’s school report cards.

State Board of Education members will consider postponing the implementation of the final piece of the A-F grading system — the summary grades for schools and school districts.

The 2017-18 report cards will be the first time schools will receive an overall grade, made up of more than a dozen scores on things like academic progress, graduation rates, and K-3rd grade literacy.

Ohio School Board Wants More Info On Charter Scandal, Youngstown Take-over

Sep 16, 2015

Ohio’s top education leader took a grilling in his first interaction with the state board of education since the charter school data scrubbing scandal went public.

And, at the same meeting, Democrats on the Ohio Board of Education made it clear they see the state take-over of Youngstown city schools as another in a series of moves by Gov. John Kasich’s administration to promote charter schools.

Ohio school board eliminates "5 of 8" hiring rule for school districts

Apr 14, 2015
Mark Urycki / State Impact Ohio

It’s known as Ohio’s “5 of 8 rule” - for every 1,000 students, school districts must hire five service personnel from a list of eight, including art teachers, music teachers, librarians, nurses and counselors.

That rule is now gone, thanks to a vote Monday by the Ohio Board of Education.

The school board spent Monday listening to testimony, including Wadsworth school superintendent Andrew Hill, who asked for the freedom to make his own personnel choices.

Anxiety on Ohio Board of Education over standardized testing

Mar 12, 2015
Mark Urycki / State Impact Ohio

Ohio public schools are in their third week of issuing standardized tests for students in grades  four through eight, and high school. The state legislature passed a law one year ago that eliminates any ramifications for the pupils in this first year of the test. But that hasn’t calmed down members of the state board of education at their meeting this week.

Republicans were dancing on their desks Tuesday night. Democrats’ chins were dragging on the floor. But before we shut the door on the 2014 election, here are some final thoughts on what happened Tuesday, especially here in southwest Ohio.


Conventional wisdom had the 9th Ohio Senate District race between former Cincinnati council member Cecil Thomas and current council member Charlie Winburn going down to the wire.

But, in the end, Thomas crushed Winburn, knocking him flatter than a pancake with 57 percent of the vote.