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A New Book Explores 10 Haunted Ohio Crime Scenes

In her new book, Kat Klockow explores Ohio?'s haunted crime scenes, from the Eden Park Gazebo to the Old Ohio State Penitentiary."

Kat Klockow has been interested in ghost stories and the paranormal since she was nine years old. 

The former Cincinnati resident is a co-host of the Paranormal View radio show, which airs on the Para-X Radio Network. Her latest venture into the world of ghosts is her new book, ?Ohio?'s Haunted Crimes: An Exploration of Ten Haunted Crime Scenes.? It includes spooky stories about the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield and Ryan'?s Tavern in Little Chicago in Hamilton.

She joins us this afternoon to tell us more about Ohio?'s haunted crime scenes and her fascination with the paranormal.