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Tips For Winter Gardening - Inside And Out - From Our Local Experts



Even though the cold weather has settled in, that doesn't mean you have to stop gardening. 

There are several ways to extend the outdoor growing season, winter crops that do well in our region and a wide variety of plants you can grow indoors.    

Joining us to discuss how to prepare your yard for the cold weather, share tips on gardening during the winter months, and to talk about how you can give back through community gardening programs, are Campbell County Extension Office Horticulture Agent Sarah Stolz; Co-owner of Homeadow Song Farm and Director of the Community Garden Program at Turner Farm, Peter Huttinger; and from Boone County Cooperative Extension, Horticulture extension agent David Koester.

For information on classes and events in Campbell County, click here. For the Campbell County Extension Horticultural Newsletter, click here

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