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How Cons & Scammers Operate And How To Protect Yourself

Scams, cons and swindles come in a variety of forms, from shady door-to-door contractors to fake emails to identity theft, and cost Americans more than $50 billion each year. You might wonder how anyone could fall for some of the scams you read about, but con artists are experts at manipulation. They know how to gain the trust of their victims and exploit their weaknesses.

Joining us to discuss how these criminals operate, and how you can protect yourself from being scammed, are Police Officer Princess Davis, a certified crime prevention specialist and patrol program coordinator for the Cincinnati Police Department; Pastor Peterson Mingo from Christ Temple Baptist Church; and Cincinnati Better Business Bureau Public Relations Specialist Sandra Guile.

For more information on frauds and scams, contact the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau; call The CincinnatiEnquirer'?sConsumer Watchdog at 513-768-8833 or visit The Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection, the Ohio Attorney General'?s Consumer Protection Section, the Kentucky Attorney General, the Indiana Attorney General, or the National Consumer League?'