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The President Of Thomas More College Shares His Vision For The School's Future


According to a report released last year by Moody's, the investor services company, closures and mergers among small U.S. colleges could increase in the next several years due to declines in revenue. The schools most at risk are small, faith-based liberal arts colleges.

So those schools must be innovative in order to survive and flourish.  Thomas More College President and Chief Executive Officer, David Armstrong, has a vision for the future of the school. One idea he is pursuing is to make the area surrounding the college more attractive to not just students but to seniors and others who want to enjoy the cultural offerings Thomas More provides.

David Armstrong joins us to discuss his plans to keep Thomas More College successful during a challenging future.

Cincinnati Business Courier reporter Andy Brownfield interviewed Thomas More College President David Armstrong about his vision for the future of the school as a cultural destination. To read the article, click here