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Adjunct Advocacy Week At University Of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati Adjunct Advocacy Association is organizing a week of events on campus to raise awareness about what they say is the pay disparity facing part-time and adjunct faculty. The highlight of the week is a "positive demonstration" Wednesday, September 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on campus.

The group formed last year response to adjunct faculty not receiving salary increases since 2003 and to advocate for the better overall treatment of adjuncts at UC. The University of Cincinnati's Director of Public Relations M.B. Reilly has responded to the this week's events with the following statement:

"We are open to all campus voices and to continuing the conversations that have brought us some significant strides in the past due to the opportunities provided by faculty shared governance concerning operations. Thanks to representation and resources, avenues for continuing dialogue are available, and we look forward to further progress."

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss the position of adjunct professors on college campuses is University of Cincinnati Adjunct Advocacy Association President and College of Arts & Sciences Adjunct Associate Professor of English Mark Kissling.

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